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All new patios, even if replacing an existing structure, will need Shire approval. Depending on the type of dwelling, dimensions of the structure and how close to the boundary you want to build your patio or carport, you may need to obtain neighbour comments and the application may need to go through both Building and Planning approval with the Shire, as well as Water Corporation approval.

Approved_imageIf it all sounds confusing, that's OK, as we make this as simple as possible for you by handling most of this process ourselves. We will provide you with all the required forms and wherever possible, we will pre-populate them for you. If neighbour comments are required, we will give you the form: all you need to do is ask the owners to sign it.

The only thing you need to provide is a copy of the site plan for the residence, or something we can use as a site plan. Again, we are happy to look at what plans you have to determine what we can use. In the worst case scenario, if you don't have anything that can be used as the site plan, you would need to purchase this from your local Shire.

Waiting times for approvals differ from Shire to Shire, however, on average, most shires say anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. 


One of the core values of Northline Patios is to provide the highest possible level of personalised service.

We don't just "talk the talk", we "walk the walk" when it comes to service.

We listen to what you want. This ensures we are quoting on, and delivering, the patio you have been dreaming about, and we will always provide you with only honest advice.

We strive to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible. We happily provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision, and we handle the Shire Approval and keep you informed on the progress of the application.

Wherever possible, we will always personally deliver and pick up all the paperwork needed for your patio. Applications are lodged in person to ensure they are received by the Shire and all the necessary paperwork is present. We let you know once the application is lodged, what the approximate waiting period is and contact you as soon as we hear back from the Shire about the approval.

If you are unsure of something and need Phil to come out to show you or discuss it with you, then he's happy to do this. And if Phil misses your call, then please leave a message and he will always get back to you.

We will never pressure you into signing with us. We understand that building a patio is a big decision and respect the fact that you may want time to digest all the information and discuss it with others. We understand that you will choose your patio builder for any number of reasons that are important to you and should you decide on Northline Patios, then you will let us know in due course.

In short, you are not a number in a job book, but rather, you are a valued and appreciated customer. We look at each job as an advertisment in itself, and not just in the finished product, but at your satisfaction levels at every point of contact from start to finish.

And perhaps one of the biggest services we think we perform is to take the time and care to give you a quality installation and a patio that will stand the test of time and give you many years of trouble free enjoyment.


We all love a bargain, but there’s a big difference between value for money and cheap.

For example, if you’re buying a fridge or TV, then as long as you know the brand and model number, then it makes sense to shop around to get the best price, because no matter where you buy it, you know you’re getting exactly the same product.

In the construction industry, and in particular with patios, it’s not as easy to do this. There are many ways to cut corners and save money, so getting the cheapest price generally means you won’t actually be getting the same product, or quality of components and installation. And whilst sales people can promise the world, they’re not the ones actually fabricating and installing your patio. This makes it difficult to compare apples with apples.

At Northline Patios, we may not always be the cheapest quote you get, but if value is important to you, you can be assured that our patios always represent outstanding value. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Get the patio you want

We always listen to what you want, so you know we are quoting on, and delivering the patio you actually want. Of course, if you’re not sure exactly what you’re after, we are happy to discuss different options with you to ensure you will still get a patio you’re completely happy with. You may have a cheaper quote, but if the end result of that is a patio that wasn’t what you wanted, every time you look at it, it will never feel quite right and you’ll always regret not getting what you wanted in the first place.

  • Build it once, built it right

    If your new patio has inherent design and construction problems, for example, not enough gutters, which causes your house gutters to regularly overflow, then the cost of repairs will change your cheap patio into a very expensive one.

    At Northline Patios, all our patios are engineer certified, and, just as importantly, they are actually built to those specifications. In many cases, they are built to exceed those specifications. All our patios are fully flashed and weatherproof and only the highest quality materials and components are used. All our patio
    products include standard features that ensure you won’t have any issues with your new patio. Spending a little more initially could save you a lot in the long run.

    What does all this mean? Well, it means you get a patio that will give you many, many years of trouble free enjoyment, that will genuinely add value to your home and give you a fantastic outdoor area, all of which represents outstanding value for the money you spend.
  • Unsurpassed Service

    Are you tired of dealing with companies and trades people who only seem interested in how fast they can get your job done, rather than the quality of the job they do?

    Are any of the things below important to you?

    ·       being treated as a valued customer, rather than a number in a job-book
    ·       being given time to consider your decision, rather than being pressured into signing

    ·       being able to talk to the person building your patio, rather than a sales person

    ·       having peace of mind that the whole process is being handled professionally

    ·       simply having someone turn up at the agreed time for a quote, or contacting you if they'll be late

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to talk to us about your new patio.

    Providing you with real personalised service is core to our business and adds value to your overall experience of the whole process when having your patio built.


If you know beforehand that you will want lights, fans or power outlets fitted to your new patio, we can arrange this for you. If you want to have lights fitted to your new gable patio, we can supply and install a special light panel. The light panel is fitted to the top of your gable patio and you can have down-lights, fans or whatever style of lighting you prefer fitted to the panel. The panel allows all wiring to be hidden resulting in a professional, contemporary and fully integrated finish.

You will always get the best result if the electrical installation is carried out at the same time as the patio installation, regardless of the style of patio. We use and recommend Paul from Spyridon Electrical Group for all our electrical installations. Paul is a fully qualified Domestic, Commercial and Industrial electrician, is fully insured, is an Austel Approved Master Cabler and will provide a professional electrical installation whilst the patio is being installed.

Of course, if you already know an electrician, we are always happy to work with your electrician.


Finding it hard to get someone to look at your job? Too small or fiddly for the big guys?
We're always happy to have a look at your job, even if it is small, and most times, we will be able to get it done for you.


If your existing patio or pergola is damaged, needs new skylights, needs re-sheeting or just needs to be re-furbished, we can help.

Depending on the condition of your patio/pergola, sometimes it can be more cost effective to repair it, rather than replace the entire structure.


Re-Sheet: Before



                                                                         Re-Sheet: After


We offer a full re-guttering service for single storey residences. 

Whether you need new downpipes, spouts, sections of gutter replaced, or your whole house needs re-guttering, we are able to do the job. We can source virtually all gutter profiles and can have custom pressed gutters made to order.

We use Colorbond gutters and downpipes as standard, unless you specifically need, or want, zincalume.

Before installing a patio, we always inspect your house gutters where the patio will attach to the house. Should any sections need replacing, we will discuss this with you, as it is always easier and cheaper to replace your gutters before the patio is installed.


If you are building a new house or an extension, we can take care of all your roof plumbing needs.

We can supply and install guttering, valley flashings, boundary gutters and fire flashings, downpipes, internal gutters, etc.

We can source virtually all gutter profiles and can have custom pressed gutters made to order.


We can help out with all types of general domestic maintenance.

Give us a call for a quote. 


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