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One of the core values of Northline Patios is to provide the highest possible level of personalised service.

We don't just "talk the talk", we "walk the walk" when it comes to service.

We listen to what you want. This ensures we are quoting on, and delivering, the patio you have been dreaming about, and we will always provide you with only honest advice.

We strive to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible. We happily provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision, and we handle the Shire Approval and keep you informed on the progress of the application.

Wherever possible, we will always personally deliver and pick up all the paperwork needed for your patio. Applications are lodged in person to ensure they are received by the Shire and all the necessary paperwork is present. We let you know once the application is lodged, what the approximate waiting period is and contact you as soon as we hear back from the Shire about the approval.

If you are unsure of something and need Phil to come out to show you or discuss it with you, then he's happy to do this. And if Phil misses your call, then please leave a message and he will always get back to you.

We will never pressure you into signing with us. We understand that building a patio is a big decision and respect the fact that you may want time to digest all the information and discuss it with others. We understand that you will choose your patio builder for any number of reasons that are important to you and should you decide on Northline Patios, then you will let us know in due course.

In short, you are not a number in a job book, but rather, you are a valued and appreciated customer. We look at each job as an advertisment in itself, and not just in the finished product, but at your satisfaction levels at every point of contact from start to finish.

And perhaps one of the biggest services we think we perform is to take the time and care to give you a quality installation and a patio that will stand the test of time and give you many years of trouble free enjoyment.
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