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Northline Patios has all the patio, carport and associated products to make choosing your patio or carport a simple process.

There are no standard patios, as every patio installed is custom built to your specifications and requirements. However, by far, the most common styles are gable, flat (skillion) and dome roof patios. There are options to these such as hip ends on gables and hips going around corners for flat patios. Please see the gallery page for photo's of various types of patios. 

One of the core values at Northline Patios is providing you with the highest quality and strongest patio you can buy. All patios, regardless of size or style are built to the highest standards, using only high quality materials and include, as standard, features such as:

  • All patios and carports are fully engineer certified and just as importantly, are actually built to those specifications. In many cases, they exceed those specifications.
  • All steel is Australian Bluescope steel and all tubing is a minimum of 76x38x1.6mm thick RHS (we don't use 1.2mm steel).
  • All trusses ("A-frames" in gable patios) and/or doglegs are fully welded and powder-coated in your choice of Colorbond colours.
  • Standard posts for gable and dome patios are 90x90x2mm SHS, but can be bigger upon request.
  • Standard posts for flat patios are 76x38x1.6mm RHS, but can be bigger upon request.
  • All patios, regardless of style, are built with a full frame, including, in many cases, more than the recommended number of purlins (roof sheet supports) in the frame to ensure roof sheets are not over spanned.

    Span tables for roof decking are based on wind pressures in different regions and don't really reflect real world use. Whilst roof sheets may "technically" be able to span certain distances, these are unrealistic should anyone ever need to stand on the patio roof. All our patios are built with enough purlins to allow a person enough support to stand on the roof without buckling roof sheets.

    Please note:We don't use "Long Span" types of decking for the reason above. Also, you will find it difficult to attach lighting to patios built with long span sheeting, as there are no purlins in the frame to which you can attach the lights.
  • Steel roof sheeting is always genuine Australian Colorbond decking in double sided powder coating (unless you specifically request single sided colour), in your choice of either Corrugated or Trimdeck profiles.
  • Only quality heat relective skylights are used, in your choice of polycarbonate or fibreglass material. These will allow light into the covered area, but importantly, will still provide shade and help reduce heat.
  • Gable patios come with one infill standard at the house, or weather end of the patio.
  • No matter what type of patio is being installed, a fascia plate, usually 76x38x1.6 RHS, is attached to your house fascia and this is bolted up to your house rafters. The patio is then built off the fascia plate, not your house fascia.
  • All gutters are full size box gutters.
  • For gable patios, a separate gutter for the patio is always attached to the house side of the gable and returned to the open side of the patio. This ensures no water from the patio goes into your house gutters, thus eliminating the risk of the patio causing your house gutters to overflow.
  •  All brackets and fixings are galvanised or the equivalent Alzin class coating.

Many of the features listed above, that are included in all Northline Patios, are the types things that many other patio companies don't want to talk to you about, as excluding some of these features are ways of cutting corners.

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