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We supply and install high quality Ziptrak patio blinds. These are, quite simply, the best quality patio blinds on the market. However, don't be fooled by cheap imitations. There is only one genuine Ziptrak blind company, even though a lot of installers call their products by the same name.

Genuine Ziptrak patio blinds are so easy to use, you will actually use them, unlike other types of blinds, with ropes, pullies or cranks, that usually end up being left either permanently open or closed.
Ziptrak patio blinds help keep areas cool in summer and warm in winter, so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season. The patented tracking system on both sides of the blind allow the fabric to glide smoothly and easily and you can stop them anywhere you want!

Here are some of the unique features that set Ziptrak patio blinds apart from the rest:

  • Fully sprung blind system. They use a coil spring, similar to those used to operate roller doors, but on a smaller scale. The spring is completely hidden.
  • Blind is self holding.
  • Works like a blind you might have inside your house. Simply raise or lower to the position you want, and that's it. They really are that easy to use.
  • Uses a patented track system which allows the blinds to effortlessly glide up and down.
  • The tracks are powder-coated so they match your existing décor. 
  • No Ropes or pullies.
  • No crank handles.
  • No tie down straps or buckles.
  • No zips or heavy weights in the bottom of the blind. 
  • Unique centre locking mechanism allows blinds to be securely locked in the down position, protecting you from the wind, rain and UV.
  • This same centre locking mechanism allows you to easily unlock the blinds by simply lifting the handle.
  • The patented track system locks the blind into the special tracks, meaning there are no gaps on the sides and the blinds don't flap in the wind. 
  • Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, so you're assured of finding the right fabric to suit your existing décor, whilst at the same time, providing protection from the sun, wind and rain.

Ziptrak patio blinds let you see out:



                   But stop others seeing in:

Patented Ziptrak track system: 

             Genuine Ziptrak branded components:

 Locking mechanism and upper travel stop:

Ziptrak Blinds give you complete control and unparalleled ease of use. You stop your blinds in whatever position you want... they really are that easy to use:

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